Quite an interesting product offer. Webhosting Revenue is not your average web hosting company. But rather a web hosting of web hosting companies with a number clientele. You will definitely be intrigue with their services.


In a nutshell, Webhosting Revenue is a superior quality web hosting company.  Backed by qualified professionals in a highly advanced data center. Normally it would cost you millions or thousands of dollars and ages to build just to get you started with a traditional way.

Now, right from your finger tips, you’ll have instant access to a million dollar worth of infrastructure and professionally built and tested applications to get you started. No more brick and mortar or experiments.


At price of $8.95 per month for a premium web host or rather a complete business in a box, I find it hard to say no. And I find it worry-free with a 30-days hassle free and money back guarantee.


Webhosting Revenue has an ISO grade data center. It is monitored 24/7 in highly secured area with multiple CCTV system. Data center is supplied with UPS powered back-up generator and redundant fiber optic backbone connection to withstand traffic on demand. Bottom line, you have 99.99% uptime.

Customer Support:

I definitely agree with one of the testimony in Webhosting Revenue. It says “It is easy to run and takes very little time to keep up. I have also been very impressed with the support and the available training to run this business. I appreciate being able to have my own internet business that I can run without a big learning curve.” 

Basically, you don’t have to be a genius to use the system. On top of this, there is customer service and quick response team to answer your concern.This guys really knows how to pamper their customers.


Webhosting Revenue is a full-featured web hosting you might be looking for. So, whether you are beginner or advance user, you’ll find this web host more than what you pay for. Therefore, rather than spending your precious time building or testing numerous system, you will have more time to focus on what you do best.



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