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Server Hosting Providers: Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask

Shopping for server hosting providers is difficult at best, and confusing at the least. It's even more of a challenge when you don't know what questions to ask the server hosting providers. Certain features are nice to have, while others can impact the credibility of your website, and ultimately, your business. The priority should always be on gathering the tools that your website needs to perform the tasks required of it. Examples of task-oriented questions to ask web server hosting providers are as follows:

Amid economic slowdown, did you know online spending continues to grow by 7% in 2008 in US market. In choosing a web host for your business, it’s critical to find a reliable partner. Reseller Rocket is back by redundant servers, uninterrupted power supply, and OC-96 back-bone connection. Truly you will never fall short of bandwidth.


Aside from a solid back-end infrastructure, Reseller Rocket has many fantastic features. From FREE domain name, unlimited disk space, domain hosting, POP, IMAP, email forwarding, email auto-responder, sub-domains, ftp accounts, MySql database while others offers them for a fee. I use to have only 25 MySql database from my previous web host, you know Go?????.com.

For newbie and developer, you will really love their bonus features. CMS and e-Commerce framework is really an IN thing. No need to download and/or upload stuff to your web host. It’s all available for your picking.


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